Bullingdon Boys

by The Toxic Dogs

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Inspired by the nucleus of our government and their rich and powerful friends, with thanks to Steve Ignorant.


Always there to look down on you
Bullingdon Boys
Old-boys network, nothing new
Bullingdon Boys
Privileged pricks in fancy clothes
Bullingdon Boys
Lucky you're not one of those
Bullingdon Boys

Cokehead Gideon, nasty little junkie fucking with the country's cash
With no responsibility when his borrowing turns your lives to trash
While he's doing lines he's doing fine but he won't be the one who'll pay
He'll cut you here and chop you there - you'll cough up anyway

David the millionaire benefit claimant, professional liar and a skank
Stealing back your tax credits and making you get your food from banks
Make a promise, break a promise, it's all the same to scum
He's got enough put by to go and buy - an island in the sun.

Buffoon Boris, the village idiot out for a shout at the top
How he's a mayor is a fucking mystery and where does his acting stupid stop?
The man needs a comb not a fucking throne or a shot at number 10
The only cast-iron guarantee - we're in the shit again

Bullingdon boys, just bullying boys who think they're still at public school
Flaunting wealth and privilege and flouting every law and rule
They'll fuck your kids up, fuck your pigs heads and hide it all away
Just the same as their Daddies did - back in Maggie's day


released October 27, 2015
Words and Music - The Toxic Dogs
Vocals - Mal Content
Backing vocals - Mal Content and Bernard O'bese
Guitars - Bernard Obese
Bass - Bernard O'bese
Drums - Mal Content & Drumbot
Anger - Supplied by The Tory Party
Mixed and Pproduced - Mal Content



all rights reserved


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